Len Johnson, Editor, HostMiser.com

Hi, my name is Len Johnson. Thanks for visiting and welcome to my website.

When I launched Hostmiser.com and started writing content for it, I was wanted to do so for three reasons.

First of all, the Web hosting industry is highly competitive. Low-cost solutions are easy to find by doing web searches but, results often lead directly to companies with huge marketing budgets. It can be hard to work out if you are looking at a good deal, or not.

Secondly, as a higher education lecturer (in Computing), it is important that my students are able to find unbiased information. They often turn to the web for research and, the most prominent results tend to be the large companies I’ve mentioned.

Last of all, I wanted an active and live website to use in demonstrations for my students – because I specialise in teaching website design and development. This site gives me an authentic example AND it allows me to indulge myself with topics I know and love

I decided to address all of the above by writing my own web hosting buyer’s guide. One that would be useful to both academic students and webmaster’s out in the real world.

A Website Hosting Advisor You Can Trust

It is all too easy to publish information on the Web and, we all need to be cautious about the information we rely on. So, here are a few details about me:

  • I’m Experienced – I hosted my first website back in 2000. Since then, I have used dozens of hosting companies and, managed a huge variety of other websites and applications.
  • I’m Qualified – I am a qualified lecturer with a PGCE in Post-Compulsory Education and a ‘First Class’ honours degree in IT with Management Studies.
  • I’m Trusted – I am a DBS checked college lecturer and a foster carer with my local authority. Both require enhanced DBS checks. So you can rest assured that, at the very least, I do not have a criminal record.