Compare Web Hosting Prices for 10 Top Service Provider Plans – With Ease

To help you compare web hosting prices easily, I created a simple comparison table with details of the cheapest plans from leading service providers1.

What is really cool about it, is that it is sort-able! Which means you can sort by company name (A-Z), price, disk space and so on. Click on any of the comparison table headings to see it in action.

Also see web hosting compared (below) for a summary of the best options for different situations:

  • cheapest web hosting per year for one website
  • best value for hosting multiple websites
  • lowest initial outlay

Web Hosting Comparison Table

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Points to note:

  • Prices do not include VAT.
  • *Offers are subject to change and may differ depending on your country of residence.
  • Monthly fees are based on a 12-month subscription where that applies.
  • Lower pricing may be obtained by subscribing for longer periods.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.

Web Hosting Compared

Cheapest Web Hosting Per Year for One Website

The first thing to note when you compare web hosting prices using my table, is that 1and1 IONOS is the cheapest by a long way.

Click on the ‘1st payment’ header to see for yourself.

You get a lot of disk space (100 GB) for the money and, the monthly price only goes up to £5 a month once after the 12-month introductory offer ends. That is really good. Because the other hosts charge much more than that.

If you haven’t heard about 1and1 IONOS before, you have nothing to fear, the company is one of the largest service providers in Europe.

You should NOT be concerned about their data centers being too far from your visitors either. The company has data centers in the UK (London), Germany (Berlin, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main) and the United States (Las Vegas, and New Jersey)2 AND, you get to choose the center you prefer.

Have I used them before? Yes I have. I had trouble-free service and I found that the control panel was really easy to to use.

Visit 1and1 IONOS for more info »

Best Value for Hosting Multiple Websites

If you need more than 100GB of storage space, then the OVH Personal Plan is the next best deal to consider.

You have to pay $20.28 for the year (rather than $12) for the extra space but, that works out cheaper than upgrading to 1and1’s ‘Business’ plan (which costs $54).

Lowest Initial Outlay

If you want the option to host multiple websites and you are happy with operating a VPS, checkout Amazon Lightsail (Compute). It is free to try for one month and, your first payment total is just $3.50. Which makes it one of the cheapest VPS hosting solutions on the market.

Amazon Lightsail is also pay-as-you-go after the free trial. Whereas, you have to pay yearly in advance for the other plans on this page. See best cheap hosting plans for more details about the features of each these packages.


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