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I began writing Linux server tutorials for my college students. They needed simple setup guides to help them create virtual machines to host websites and apps. Eventually, I realised that quite a few ex-students were still sending me emails after graduating.

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Many of those emails got me digging my server tutorials out. Because, the senders wanted to follow them to build servers in their new jobs.

It made sense to publish them here in the end.

Now…, my server tutorials are readily accessible online. And, YOU can learn from them too.

Feel free to browse these as you see fit. They do not need to be followed in any particular order.

However, it does makes sense to begin with the background information if you are a complete novice.

What is a server?‘ is a good place to start if that applies to you.

Don’t worry too much about tackling practicals though. There are links to further reading about everything you NEED to know throughout my practicals.

The same applies to my other setup guides. Jump in, scan the articles and search my site for more information if you need it.

If you do find yourself struggling and, you need extra advice, feel free to contact me via email. You can connect with me on Facebook too, if you prefer to use social media.

Background Information

I haven’t uploaded all of these guides yet. The ones without links will appear here eventually.

How to Build a Server Tutorials

I began contributing to Linode guides, tutorials and documentation when I retired. They give you a far wider range of solid tutorials to follow than the few I have listed here.

See my repository of server tutorials archived on GitHub for the full list. These are are the most popular ones:

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